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Dedrick Gilchrist helps people from all walks of life achieve growth. He's a man committed to making sure anyone he encounters reaches their full potential, while developing rituals to sustain a well balanced life.   Whether your self esteem is low, you're having problems with thinking positively, struggling with a major decision, hate your job, or simply feel like you should be doing better in life Dedrick can help.  Find out more here.

Growth Stories

Every relationship is sure to go through it's ups and downs.   What matters most is how we respond to our partners needs.  Often times WE are the  common denominator in all of our failed relationships.   If you're struggling with being single, ready to take your relationship to the next level, or simply need a neutral party to help you and your mate through a rough patch desireDGrowth would love to help.  


Dedrick's spirit is known to give life to those he encounters on a daily basis.  One on one conversations with him are bound to change your life.  Imagine the power of motivating a group of people to think positive and strive to meet all of their goals in life.  Book Dedrick for your next group event, seminar, family reunion, or conference.

"Fear is faith aimed in the wrong direction" - Dedrick Gilchrist

"What you think about most is what you create" - Lyfe Jennings

"If you want to be successful surround yourself with successful people" - Ezekiel Richardson

Growth Stories

"Dedrick is an awesome coach.  He helped me to discover the positives in my life and focus on the path to greatness that was destined for me.  The rituals he helped me establish have changed my life for the better.   He is a powerful motivator and I would recommend him to any that is ready to make positive changes in their life" - C.Banks

"desireDGrowth has helped me put my life into perspective.  Having a life coach helps guide me in the right direction and make sound choices about life events.  Realizing that positive thoughts lead to positive action is just one of the major areas desireDGrowhth has helped enhance my well being. My life has changed for the better since I signed up for coaching.  I look forward to continued growth and sharing my testimony others."  S. C.

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