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About Dedrick


Dedrick has a strong passion for helping people and seeing them achieve everything they want out of life.  His jovial attitude and positive outlook are what makes him a natural at coaching.  

He coaches individuals from all walks of life.  He is an inspiration to all that he encounters and truly helps those desiring positive growth in their lives.  Through coaching, motivational speaking, and seminars Dedrick is able to reach the masses.   In addition to coaching and speaking, Dedrick is an IT consultant that specializes in Data Quality and Analytics.   

He received his bachelors of Business Administration from Georgia State University.  Having spent the better part of the last 10 years providing advice and helping others through all types of life and relationships he's decided to put his all into his passion for helping others.


Everyone has the potential to be great.  Most just need a helping hand to push them along and hold them accountable.  desireDGrowth was formed to be the one stop shop for those that are ready to grow.  The best thing about desireDGrowth is that we are here for you.  We will only push you to become the person that you want to be.  Your Life, Your Goals, Your Growth.  What do you desire?

"The ladder signifies the vision that the gradual ascent by means of virtue by which it is possible for us to ascend, not using material steps but improvement and correction of manners"